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I believe that everyone needs to have space where they can spend their time and be a family.

Lina Danilevičiūtė
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About Me

Li interior design can help you bring your dreams inside.

As an interior designer, I am passionate and driven by nature. My goal is to incorporate the beautiful aspects of nature into the design process. I am always developing and exploring new ways how we can integrate well-being and harmony into people’s lives.

One of the harmony ‘rules’ is ‘do it with passion’: ‘It is like gardening: nature gives you back what you invest in it.’

That’s a promise to all of our clients, Li interior work with passion to achieve the best results for you. If you don’t know your style or what you want the space to become, it’s perfectly normal, you don’t have to know.

We will help you to find the best path for yourself and make it happen.

To be trusted is the greatest reward for us and we will try to do our best providing what you are looking for.

Li interior design is currently located in London but can help anyone anywhere to found your perfect harmony.


“Don’t be scared to take risks, only then it will build you your future” -Lina ‘20