Li Interior Designer

Online Interior Design

Li interior design offer different services, so everyone can find what they are looking for, according to your budget and needs. Contact us to find the best package for you. Online service usually is faster and not restricted to were you live so we can help anyone anywhere! Every detailed is descused virtually easy and fast. 

1. Meet the designer

You can meet your designer online to have a talk about your dreams and what you are looking for. Li interior design will provide a questionnaire to understand your needs and you better.

2. Photos & Measurements

Send your photos, measurements and video over to Li interior design so we can see and understand your space. If needed we will explain how to measure and how to take the most useful picture, so we can start working straight away.

3. Brief

After Li interior design discuss with you over phone, email or video call, the designer will create your home brief, and share it with you to ensure all the details and overall theme for your design is correct. Providing client with look and feel (mood boards) boards helps to see style, colour schemes and so much more! 

4. Furniture layout

After converting your measurements into technical drawings, the designer from Li interior will draw up the best furniture layout for you. Allowing you to see what size furniture you can fit in your space. Changes can be made until you are happy with the layout. After agreed furniture layouts designer will start your shopping list. When you receive the list, it will helps you easily access every furniture and styling element online!  

5. Your Design

Your design from Li interior design is on the way. In the document sent by the designer you will find everything you need to design your perfectly balanced space. Depending on your requirements, you can receive mood boards, shopping lists with helpful links to all products and furniture, 2D or 3D renders, and more.


“ In the time that I worked with Lina, she proved herself to be a dedicated, diligent and reliable co-worker, always willing to put in the effort to ensure high design standards were met. She is very creative with a great eye for detail”

Catriona Hunter
Senior Interior Designer

"She fitted in really well with the whole team and was happy to help and support all but equally good at working on her own initiative. She worked on projects such as MoMa in New York and The Making of Harry Potter at Leavesden Studios."

Simon Clark

“ Lina is a highly practical and proactive designer. It was a pleasure to work alongside her on a number of projects and see her passion for design and Interiors “

Gabby Milner
Senior Interior Designer

"Lina is very easy going to work with. She has worked for me both in the office and remotely from her home She is very proficient in CAD and Photoshop, the 2 areas where I have employed her on a freelance basis over the last 2 years. She is trustworthy and punctual."

Caroline Cobbold

"Lina is the best interior design assistant I’ve ever had. She is open, honest, gives everything a try and is highly skilled and talented. It’s the first time I had an assistant who said: “I don’t know how to do that, but I’ll figure it out”. I would recommend Lina as an interior designer, as an interior assistant and wish her all the luck in the world in her new venture. I’m going on maternity leave and I know someone as brilliant as she won’t be available when I’m ready to come back, good for you! "

Jo Chrobak