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Welcome to the first ‘Li interior’ blog.

Welcome to the first ‘Li interior’ blog. I decided to start writing Li interior’s blog, for you to see and learn something new and maybe something we can find in common. Hope in the upcoming stories, Li interior will give advice/opinion on your home projects, harmony, nature and everything else. For the first blog I just wanted to tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Lina. Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be an interior designer. I started developing my self in art & design studies followed by a university degree which was all achieved overseas, I understood that my passion for animals and nature can help others to find balance in their home and much more. As times flew by, I was trying to find my balance, to find my place.

We decided to come back to our homeland and buy an old fashioned cottage with land surrounded by forests and nature. Hopefully we can make our ‘nature move’ in the upcoming 1-2 years time, open ourselves and create our home and our harmony. I believe that dreams come true, as much as it sounds cliché. For my upcoming blog stories, I will keep them short and easy to read.